The Ultimate London Travel Guide!


Beautiful view of London

Whether you live in London or are on tour in this beautiful city, romance is in the air. There is so much fun you can have with your partner. Activities vary from dining out to being outdoorsy to chilling with a bottle of wine in one hand. And if you need some inspiration, we are here to help. Here are some ideas that could interest you:


Finding time to wine and dine your partner is an excellent way to solidify your union. The time you use in catching up or talking about things in general matters a lot. Most of the work lies in finding the perfect place, after which the conversation flows with ease. Clos Maggiore would interest you, and many people hail it as being one of the most romantic spots in the city. It lies in the heart of the Convent garden and features a bright and airy eating space. You will enjoy it even more if you make your reservation in spring and summer. That allows you to enjoy fine dining under the glimmer of candlelight and the stars. And in the winter, the crackling fire will add warmth to your conversation.
You can try other restaurants which also feature a romantic vibe. What matters most is that you connect with your partner. You can even order in and enjoy dinner indoors.


You can enjoy fine dining on its own, or you can make it even better by catching a show beforehand. Watching raw talent play out in front of you will have you in a good mood before you dig into your favourite meal. If you are unsure of what to catch, why not go for The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre? This award-winning musical is a must-see for theatre lovers. It follows the story of a phantom who wreaks havoc in the Paris Opera in the name of love. His wish is to see Christine become the leading lady of the house. Special effects in play, as well as skilled acting, ensure that you will be at the edge of your seat all the while. Plus, the songs carry you from one scene to the other, heightening the tension and roping you into the act. Make sure that you grab a ticket to catch this love story with your partner by your side.

Get Away

If you are already on vacation in London, you can try booking a room in another hotel for a change. And for people living in London, retreating will serve you well. The good thing is that there are so many romantic hotels in the city that finding one should not be a problem. The Corinthia Hotel is one such establishment set across the river Thames. This five-star setting allows you to catch beautiful sunsets as you enjoy strolls along the scenic river. It also has accessibility to some of the most toured city spots. For relaxation, you can stay in your room and order in your favourite dishes. You can also get some five-star treatment at the spa on the top floor. That is an easy way to bond with your partner as you let go of the stresses in life.


Singing is an easy way to have fun with your partner as you take a break from touring the city’s attractions. Fill up your bellies and head to a karaoke bar where you can belt out your love for each other. The Alibi is one such place that offers you a platform to do so. The singing starts at ten in the night and comes with a spectacular DJ to make your performance easier. The loud music and exciting atmosphere are all you will need to start singing. Oh, and it’s underground, which adds to its romantic appeal.


This sport brings out the competitive side in couples and will have you battling each other for a win. On the upside, it allows for lots of flirtation as you talk of striking out and all that. On this note, you can try Bloomsbury Bowling lanes which features a retro-style. Also, it has a vintage above-lane ball return. And guess what? Outside America, this is the only bowling alley with this option. To top it all off, there is the option to have karaoke, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

London’s View

If you are not afraid of heights, catching a view of London is an easy way to bond with your partner. Atop The Shard, you can see London in a three-sixty-degree angle from a height of three hundred meters. This building is twice as high as most structures in the city, allowing you to tower over them.

When it comes to bonding with your partner, the options available are numerous. Open your mind and heart to it, and a great idea will come a-calling. All the best!