The Ultimate London Travel Guide!
The bird view of London sunset

Hello there and welcome to our site! We are so happy to have you here, and we hope you will learn a lot by poring through our blogs. Our site is all things London, to help both locals and foreigners fall in love with this city even more.

What We Love About London

The London eye Ferris WheelWhile we have different backgrounds and some varying interests, we share a deep love for this city. Given that it is one of the major fashion capitals in the world, we get to be part of this vibrant industry. From following fashion week to getting the best selections in stores and meeting fashion icons, we do it all. But there is more to London than this, and we want to introduce you to it all. In the end, we can hopefully convince you to move here or at least come by for a visit sometime.

We also looove Valentine’s Day. In London, there are so many romantic places to celebrate it. You can visit a romantic bar, Valentine’s Day parties, take a cruise on the Rhames, indulge afternoon tea, have a decadent dinner date and many more. And to make it even more perfect, check out the best Valentines day gift ideas. Whatever you choose, leave your loved one feeling spoiled.

Tea time is one of our favourite things in this city. We love our tea and spend hours on end anticipating this hour as well as thinking of sandwiches. And in London, the tea is unlimited, and once you get the hang of the traditions, you will love it too. The bigger the traditional spread, the more we indulge.
If not for the tea, then you have to come and catch a glimpse of Buckingham Palace. Did you know that it is worth over two billion pounds? Not only is that a sight to behold but it also speaks a lot to the history of this lovely city. And tourists are always welcome here. London boasts as the second most popular tourist city destination in the world. The atmosphere here is addictive and unforgettable. And if you need proof, take a look at Amanda who was to stay for two years and ended up staying six and counting.
If tranquillity is what you are after, the numerous parks in the city will appeal to your desires. Almost half of the city is parkland. You can have a picnic, play some ball, bathe in the sun or do what makes you happy. Safety should not be a problem. London ranks among the top twenty safest cities in the world. There is no reason why you should walk throwing glances over your shoulder. Instead, you will be giddy with joy that comes on uncovering the cool spots in this city. And that is where our site comes into the picture. Let us help you have an easy time navigating the city by outlining the best options available to you. Are you ready? If yes, keep reading for more information.