The Ultimate London Travel Guide!


Are you artsy? Do you love attending exhibitions in search of talent? If you have answered yes to any or both of these questions, London will serve you well. There are tons of art galleries where you can quench your thirst for good art. Here are some of the available options and what makes them so special. We will look at art galleries alongside amazing exhibitions in play:

Hayward Gallery

This gallery lies to the south bank of the Thames and is home to upcoming and adventurous artists. If you want to see works that speak to innovation, this is a great place to be. It features the commissioning of new works as well as some big exhibitions. Some of the past exhibitions include works by Tracey Emin, Dan Flavin, and Antony Gormley. These artists breathe new life into artwork, and this gallery offers them a platform to do so. You will be happy to know that this building features a Brutalist architectural style. That’s another thing to note, which some people take to with eagerness.

Tate Modern

This gallery has hosted some of the best artworks in the city. They include Matisse, Picasso, Warhol, Bonnard, and others who do not need an introduction. That makes it the go-to for anyone looking for a deep-dive into excellence. This popular attraction lies on the banks of the Thames. You will love that you get to see the best works at no fee, allowing you to take it all in as you wish. Some events are subject to a small charge, though.

White Cube Bermondsey

White Cube has a string of galleries, all of which have something to offer art loves. This establishment is the largest of those under the White Cube name, and it dates back to the 70s. Back then, it was more of a warehouse, before it became the gallery it is today. Some part of it is still a warehouse even now, with the other sections serving as galleries and viewing rooms. The building also houses a bookshop and an auditorium. The ample space allows for expansion, with more work going into contemporary art towards the south galleries—those in the north feature films, lectures, and education programs. There is something for everyone in this setting – whether you are learning about art or seeking inspiration.

Mason’s Yard

This building is yet another establishment under the White Cube name. It is relatively new, having come about in 2006. It lies off Duke Street and also has a history to its location. It lies on what was once an electricity sub-station. Also, it is the first free-standing structure in the St. James area for the last three decades. That is quite something. The structure has various segments. There is the main gallery, which features natural lighting and tall ceilings. Then there is the exhibition space in the second gallery, which measures up to five thousand square feet.
Most works here are high profile, and they allow you to get a glimpse of what’s selling in the international scene.

The Royal Academy of Arts

Old is gold, and such is the case with this fine arts institution that has been in existence since the eighteenth century. It lies to the west of the city and has a record of hosting some of the best exhibition works in the city. If you want the finest touring exhibitions, then this is a good idea. Visiting in the summer would allow you to catch the annual summer displays that run through the season. Interestingly, this seasonal exhibition has been in place since the institution opened. Given that it still takes place shows that it has a lot to offer both artists and art lovers. Plus, it supports upcoming artists by displaying some of their works.

Tate Britain

You will not come across British art everywhere, and this gallery works towards helping you enjoy it more. The works presented here date as far back as 1500. They include masterpieces from great artists such as John Constable and John Everett Millais. Contemporary works are also in play, as well as modern art. Artists in this line include Bridget Riley and David Hockney. An annual art commission takes place in which you can catch the best works.

Guildhall Art Gallery

This gallery came up in the nineteenth century and features art collections from across the world. You will come across pieces by some of the best artists ever lived, dating back to the seventeenth century. Entry is free, save for some special occasions where a fee may be necessary.


Japan House London

If you are curious as to the Japanese culture, here is an easy way to get answers. This house features an exhibition gallery where works from the most talented Japanese artists are on display. You can end your visit by enjoying fine dining in the establishment.

London is not short of art exhibitions, and you are sure to have an easy time finding works that speak to you. Here is to creativity!