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Who are we?


I grew up in the United States before moving to London, where I studied in one of the top universities. My time in this city delivered more than I had expected. The multiculturalism called to me, and I could not help but settle down here once I finished studying. Did you know that more than one-third of the population in London comprises foreigners? Fitting in was easy. And of course, I had the help of my pal Stacy who grew up here.


Unlike Amanda, I have spent most of my life in London. Growing up here was amazing, and I got to revel in the fascinating history of this city. It dates back to 4500 BC. Isn’t it interesting that settlements existed here even back then? More interesting is the fact that city life started as far back as 43 AD. Tracing the growth from this point to where we are now has been an exciting journey. The more I know about this city, the more I wish to uncover. With our many museums, there is always something to learn.