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Woman with Christmas gift bags

Getting gifts for your loved ones is not the easiest task, and it can stress you out in some cases. It gets even worse when you try looking for one only to find the same old things in every store. We understand this frustration. In this line, we have come up with some of the best gift shops in the city. These have unique offerings to consumers and at affordable prices. Let’s get started:

Tatty Devine

If you love fashion, you are highly likely to gravitate towards jewellery, and that is what this store has to offer. It has gained popularity among fashion lovers, both within and without London. This store has two boutiques and has quite a story to it, owned by two Fine Art lovers. You can thus expect a lot from their pieces which feature pop style which appeals to many people. The designs have varying textures and include wood, enamel, textiles and acrylics in their makes. They also make custom designs which celebrities have taken to with ease. That might make you think that the pieces are unaffordable, but that is hardly the case. You can find fantastic items for less than one hundred pounds, which is quite a steal!


This store has two branches, one in Islington and the other in Clerkenwell. It features a homeware and lifestyle collection that adds beauty to anyone’s life. From couches to bags to accessories to furniture, there is a lot in store for you. The more time you spend looking at the items, the more likely you are to find the perfect fit for your loved one. The icing on the cake is that the designs are unique. You are hardly likely to find the pieces in another person’s home. And if you do, they probably got them from this store.


Making a house livelier and lovelier is something most people aspire to do. The trouble comes in finding pieces that speak to your style and are unique. With Haus on your side, that should not be a problem as it offers a range of trendy products. It lies in Victoria Park under the watch of a husband and wife team. The artistic nature of their choices is evident in the pieces they offer their clients. From light fixtures to furniture to other homeware, you will be at a loss of where to start. You will love that some of the selections come from some of the best designers across the world.


D.R. Harris

This shop is the ingenuity of a chemist and a surgeon, and it dates back to two centuries ago. Here, you can find beauty products that you otherwise would not have. For a man, you can get the luxury shaving foams and handy gadgets that make morning routines easy. Women, too, can get some things to add to their beauty collections. They include perfumes, lip balms and face creams. You can also get essential oils and soaps which comprise special formulas that make them unique.


If you love interiors, this should be your pitstop as you shop for household items, get it? This shop also doubles as a café which makes your shopping experience all the more fun. If the hunger pangs threaten your creativity, you can grab a bite and get back to it. You can find collectables here which can match your taste or that of the gift recipient. They include ceramics, soap, textiles and furniture, among other items. Now, here is the exciting part. Everything you see in the café is for sale. That means that if the cake tray is too beautiful to leave behind, you can pay for it as you pay for the cake.

Couverture & The Garbstore

This list features a couple of couple-owned shops, and this is another such establishment. What makes it different from what you see in other boutiques? The answer is a lot. For one, the couple separates the floors. The lower level and the upper floors are different in that both individuals can show off their style. They, however, maintain a shared interest in fighting corporate fashion. The shop has been running since 2008 and sells furniture, home accessories, children and women’s clothes and accessories. You can also find toys here. The pieces come from independent labels, which is in line with what the couple believes.

Jasper Morrison

Here is a store that has a lot of mystery to it, which adds to its appeal. It lies along Kingsland Road and has been in existence since 2008. By the looks of the outside, you would hardly tell that inside the black gate lies a unique store. It features high-class hardware which people come from far and wide to see. The products are on display on the walls, and the pieces complement each other, creating a look. The demand for these displays is high such that you can easily miss out on what you want.

Happy Shopping!