The Ultimate London Travel Guide!


Skeleton in British National History Museum

If you enjoy taking a walk down memory lane, the thought of touring a museum is sure to cross your mind. And if you are in London, you are in luck! This city is home to some of the world’s top museums, each of which has a lot in store. That is why so many tourists flock to these establishments year in, year out. It gets even better, given that most of them offer free entry to tourists. You get to have your cake and eat it. Can it get any better? The answer is yes. The museum options are in the tens, allowing you to choose what appeals most to your interests. Here are some of the establishments which take the day:

British Museum

This London icon has a history that dates back to the eighteenth century when it was built. In it, you will find information regarding the last two millenniums of human history. If that is not enough to quench your thirst for knowledge, the other establishments outlined below will come in handy. The world cultures featured here and the artifacts, are enough to have you squealing in delight.
Some of the famous exhibits include the Egyptian mummies and the Parthenon sculptures. More than six million tourists visit this museum annually, which is a show of how unique its displays and events are. Oh, and the entry is free.

The National History Museum

This building features a twenty-five-meter blue whale hanging from the ceiling, which serves as an exciting conversation starter. Additionally, it has a rock believed to be as old as the solar system. And for people who are into dinosaurs, you will find one complete structure of the same here. Not many of these exist, and catching a glimpse of one is breathtaking.
You will also find more than eighty million species featured in its galleries. Other than the fantastic artifacts inside, this building features an impressive build that makes it iconic. You will love that the activities are interactive, making this a good spot for family and school fun. And you can join the silent discos, morning yoga, and dinosaur sleepover programs. How does that sound?
Entry to the museum should be free. However, you should expect a charge for some events.

Victoria and Albert Museum

For the creative spirit, this museum will interest you a great deal. It features collections dating thirty centuries back, detailing art, design, and performance. The diversity in play is unrivalled, and you should get some inspiration by looking at the strides in human creativity. In store is the Jewellery Gallery, which allows you a front seat to Queen Victoria’s collection. You can also find original photocopies at the Photography Centre, as well as other attractions. If you are curious as to the evolution of Europe as seen by Britons, this is your chance. Thanks to the lens of art and design, you can get a clear picture of the views that people hold dear to them.
Entry is free, save for some events where you may have to part with a small fee.

Science Museum

With more than fifteen thousand objects on display, there is a lot to enjoy in this museum. Collections include the Stephenson’s Rocket and the Apollo 10 command capsule. If you or someone you know is into science, this would be an excellent place to start. You will love that the galleries are interactive, allowing you to learn more and enjoy your time in the museum. And if you have ever wanted to fly into space, you can try the 3D and 4D simulators.
You will not pay to enter the museum. However, if you watch the special exhibits and use the 3D cinema, a small charge will apply.

Imperial War Museum

This building dates back to the First World War and is one of the globe’s best such museums. It gives you insight as to how people lived in a world where conflict was the norm. The exhibits run from one floor to the other, totaling six of these. From uniforms to films to weapons to stories, there is a lot you can watch and experience. And that is not where the story ends. We still live in a world where war is a threat, and you can see this influence on our economies. If you want inspiration, motivation, and something to give you that push, try this museum. Entry is free though you may pay something small to enter the special exhibitions.

Museum of London

After going through the details of the recent wars that have hit our country, it helps to look at the past once more. Here, you can go through the plague, fire, and civil wars that have affected us in the earlier centuries. Other options include the London Transport Museum, the Design Museum and the Bank of England Museum. Visiting any of these establishments will give you a great deal of hope for the future. Have fun!